Farallon 6 (2014-2015)

Mary Volmer, “Mrs. Thomas”
Art Edwards, “Tree Limb Chair”
John Gifford, “On Standby”
Julie Woodside, “The Stone Wall”
Joey Garcia, “Thaw”
Tigh Rickman, “Irene”
Dominic Foser, “A Hitch”
Elena Mauli Shapiro, “Vanity”
Images by T.J. Wolfsbane

Farallon 5 (2013)

Geoffrey Neill, “Marcel and His Wife”
Leah Adams-Kroll, “In the Morning There Are Pancakes”
Ken Rodgers, “Foreign Exchange”
Joseph Rathgeber, “Propane”
Bill Pieper, “Lost Coast”
Cheryll Cochrane, “Miss Trenton”
Merridawn Duckler, “Subduction”
Images by Steven Walter

Farallon 4 (2012)

Mary Volmer,“Canyon”
Stefanie Freele, “Yellow Bench, Yellow Bench”
James Bernard Frost, “Zoom!”
Elena Mauli Shapiro, “Domestic Animals, A Diptych”
Bil Gaines, “Blood in the Sand”
Lynka Adams, “High Life”
Sue Staats, “No Hero, No Sharks”
Rachel King, “Elevator Girl”
Images: Paintings by Sondra Olson

Farallon 3 (2010)

Lewis Buzbee, “The Blue World”
Sarah Rose Horowitz, “Flat Daddy”
Vicki Barras Tulacro, “Spin”
James Bernard Frost, “Maybe Kamchatka, He Thought”
Paul Mann, “Art to Medicine”
Don Peteroy, “Confessions of a Misunderstood Sidekick”
David Booth, “The Boy from Thuringia”
Ken Rodgers, “Pugilist”
Dominic Foser, “Stroke”
Nina Ramsey, “Separate Endings”
S.J. Sasken, “Afterlife”
Images by Steven Walter

Farallon 2 (2009)

Ralph Tyler, “An Interlude at the Villas”
Marie Potoczny, “I Don’t Want to Know What’s Not a Good Idea”
Joshua Citrak, “Bottles and Cans, Just Clap Your Hands”
James Hass, “Drive-by Boyfriend”
Daniel Vaccaro, “Blister”
Scott Roberts, “Driving Home”
Laurie Doyle, “Vamanos”
Images by Ron Kurash, Alexander Perrelli, T.J. Wolfsbane

Farallon Premier Issue (2008)

Jamey Genna, “A Good Swim”
Abeer Hoque, “Tsunami Sky”
Ken Rodgers, “Brown Sparrows”
Lynka Adams, “The Three Bears”
Abeer Hoque, “The Businessman”
S. J. Sasken, “Road Signs in a Pigeon’s Paradise”
Images by Ron Kurash

There was a time when a group of writers gathered on foggy nights in a
now-defunct café in San Francisco to read and share their work.
This journal is the natural extension of those gatherings.

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